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Villa World Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Ironman Great Shannon Eckstein


BROADBEACH, Australia — Villa World, one of the country’s leading property developers, has signed on as a sponsor of eight-time Ironman Australia and six-time world title holder Shannon Eckstein. With a February 4 win in Surfer’s Paradise, the veteran surf lifesaver secured a third-place finish for the 2016-2017 Nutri-Grain Ironman season, a series the championship of which he has previously won nine times.

The Villa World sponsorship will provide Eckstein with important support as he continues his competitive career, while also enabling him to reach out to others about projects like the company’s upcoming Arundel Springs development on the already-legendary athlete’s native Gold Coast. With more than 40,000 Australians now happily residing in Villa World homes, those interested in what the company has to offer can learn more at

“We’re proud to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with Shannon Eckstein,” said Craig Treasure, Villa World CEO and Managing Director. “Shannon is one of the most successful and inspiring Australian athletes of all time, and we’ve followed his career and many victories with great interest. He truly stands for excellence in everything he does, and his deep ties to the Gold Coast will also help make him an even more effective ambassador for us. We look forward to seeing him excel further on the waves and sand and to working with him here at Villa World in other ways, as well.”

Since its 1986 founding, residential developer Villa World has focused on delivering industry-leading value through a combination of craftsmanship, innovation, and long-lasting relationships. The company’s complete planned communities provide residents with addresses instead of merely land or homes, with every detail accounted for by leading designers, builders, and other talented professionals.

At the present time, over two dozen Villa World communities in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria offer Australians access to move-in-ready, architect-designed homes at fixed prices with no hidden costs. This unique, all-inclusive approach to housing has helped make the Australian-owned, ASX-listed company one of the nation’s most successful and highly regarded of its kind.

In sponsoring longtime Ironman surf lifesaving star Shannon Eckstein, Villa World partners with an athlete who represents the same level of excellence in his own field. With dozens of victories and titles already to his name, Eckstein will represent Villa World as he continues his competitive career. The newly forged relationship will also see Eckstein exploring ways of becoming even more deeply involved with Villa World as he contemplates the future. Visitors to the Villa World website at can learn more about the new sponsorship agreement and the company’s developments.

About Villa World:
At Villa World, we deliver the land, the street, and the planned community, providing everything our customers need for stress-free success at dozens of Australian developments.

Cite: Villa World Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Ironman Great Shannon Eckstein

Getting Down To Basics with Properties

Home Buyers: What You Need to Learn If you are planning to sell your house to avail cash, it means a lot to find the right buyer. If you want to sell one later on, it is right for you to look into some important things. Legal procedure is what you need to consider this time if you do not want to face major problems with prospect home buyers. Your prospect buyers really want to know the terms when you sell the house and it is right that you connect to them. You are selling a property which is very valuable so you do not only give it away. With the many home buyers approaching you, it is time to simply undergo the right process. If you desire to plan for it, the first thing is to simply advertise. It is meaningful on your part to advertise your house in a simple way like posting streamers outside the house telling everyone that the property is for sale. You will soon know that some of your friends and prospect buyers express their desires to get your house. If you have already made a very good plan in selling the house, the next thing that you have to do is to simply contact those people who plan to get it. It will be meaningful on your part to simply think of bidding. It is important that you decide to check if your plan to conduct bidding is legal. It is fine for you to allow your buyers to raise the amount you like as long as it is done according to the law. Real estate selling is important but if you want legality, you only need to simply choose a lawyer that is expert in the field of real estate. You want to sell the house fast this time so it will make sense to undergo the process.
Why Sales Aren’t As Bad As You Think
Looking for the right buyer is what you have to do this time. They might like to buy it for the purpose of selling it. Since you want cash, you really have to sell it at a very good price but you need to be sure that the house does not incur damages so that the buyer will never take it against you. You want to know the very purpose and it would make sense if it is still residential. If the person who is going to buy does not have the capacity to pay in periodical basis, you better find another prospect. You like to avail instant cash this time and it will be sensible if you choose to have the one who can pay you immediately.5 Uses For Options

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Real Estate Investors are the Best Options for Getting Cash Offers from Problem Properties Problem properties can have adverse effects on neighborhoods. Some of their effects include falling prices of land and property in their surroundings, fast pace of relocations by neighbors, falling standards of living, and others. Though the definition of problem properties are different, the term is used to describe properties that were used in past criminal properties, those that are tough to sell in the conventional real estate market, or those in a state or disrepair. You need to find a fast buyer if you own such a structure. Selling to a cash for homes agent is the best of options for problem properties to get max cash offers at all times. Here are the advantages of selling to cash for homes investors. The best thing about dealing with real estate investors is the ability to sell your home fast. You will get cash for your problem property in as little as 24 hours because these parties are in the habit of giving offers in such a short time. An offer will be available as soon as a real estate investor completes the inspection of your property, something impossible in the conventional real estate market where you may have to wait for months on end to get one. Delays are very common in the conventional real estate market since your potential buyer has to go through the lengthy mortgage approval process. In addition to being frustrating, the outcome of such applications are not certain. A reputable cash for homes buyer is someone who already has the cash needed to complete the transaction, eliminating annoying complexities.
Lessons Learned About Homes
A problem property is usually in a dilapidated state, meaning that you can spend serious cash and time in its repairs. No buyer may show interest in your property even after such activities. A real estate investor will purchase your building as is, so there won’t be anything you need to do before getting a buyer.
Options – My Most Valuable Advice
The best way to avoid the demolition of your property is to hand it to a real estate investor in exchange for some fast cash. Avoid losses that may come by when the city turns the building into waste by selling it to these parties. The conventional property market may not find any worth when they take a look at your problem property. Consequently, the fact that a real estate investor is willing to pay cash for its acquisition is truly commendable.

News For This Month: Homes

Best Property Management Services in Arizona Investing in real estate is a great choice. A lot of resources are committed to the real estate business. However, after conducting their houses, it is when they start realizing the challenges of the rental market. While they might be involved in other employments or business, they will find that a lot of time is required in the management of their properties. It is not just an issue of letting houses and receiving payment. Your next assignment is to get tenants to occupy the house. It is not easy to get tenants considering that this is a business with completion like others. Getting reliable tenants will also prove cumbersome. Tenancy has its own style of approach and tenants can be difficult at times. You might be far away when issues requiring your attention arise. Such an occurrence can involve the sewerage system yet you are responsible for the same. Also, you will experience challenges with adamant tenants and late payments. Thr worst scenarios is when your condominium or apartment is let to individuals who cannot afford the monthly rentals. Such an instance will always put you at the recoiling ends as the tenants dodge you. It is not easy for you to throw tenants out since they are protected under the law.As a property owner and you are therefore exposed to various challenges. Approaching property management companies is the best way to solve these issues. These forms take all the responsibilities that are meant for the landlord. Among them is a collection of monthly rental fees from the tenants on behalf of the landlord. The money is then forwarded o your account is timely fashion. You no longer need to look for the tenants and ask them to pay their monthly rents.
Questions About Homes You Must Know the Answers To
They also help you with property maintenance. The property management companies ensure that your property is well cared for including fences and security lights. They also play maintenance of peace and cohesion among tenants. At times, tenants in one property might develop differences. If the dispute has to with tenancy use, the property management company will use its own means to resolve the conflict. If there are tenants company for such reason as rents and water, they deal wit the problem.
The Key Elements of Great Properties
They hold the company with the same altitude the landlord would. If and when repairs are required, they do them promptly. They keep on inspecting the property to ensure that everything in order. They also provide urgent repair services to sure clients remain comfortable. All aspects of rental property management are within their scope. They thus make you free to attend to other activities that you deem important. Give these property managers a chance to use their skills on your rental house including looking for buyers.

The Beginner’s Guide to Homes

Sell Your House on Your Terms: Tips for Finding We Buy Houses Realty Companies Mostly, We Buy Houses realty firms will buy your home on your terms and as it is. Therefore, selling your home through such a company will enable you to sell it fast without making any repairs to the house. There are numerous excellent We Buy Houses Poughkeepsie firms that are sincerely interested in making life better for you. However, not all companies are the best. Here are valuable tips for finding a realty company to help you sell your house on your terms. The first tip for finding a realtor who can buy your house on your terms is to look for a good We Buy Houses investor. You will need to talk with the investor first and get to know what they have to offer you.
6 Facts About Properties Everyone Thinks Are True
Real estate experts advise that you find a local investor or realty company. A local company will have a better idea of the local market and is likely to offer more because they will not offer a deceptive estimate in order to account for unknowns.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Houses
Compare various realty firms before making your decision. One of the “We Buy Houses” services will be extremely good and that should be the one you should engage. It is regrettable that there are many scammers across all industries, real estate market being a prime target. For this reason, before you call the number on a “We Buy Houses” sign, you will want to engage in due diligence and determine the source. Additionally, it is now relatively easy to locate information about anyone, thanks to the Web. The department of Revenue is responsible for managing business registrations while other states utilize the office of the Secretary of State. The Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General’s office handles consumer complaints. Additionally, brokers and real estate agents are licensed through the Real Estate Commission. It is easy to find out if a particular in Poughkeepsie firm is genuine or not. Find out if the company you are considering is licensed through the New York Real Estate Commission. Checking with these agencies can help you determine if the real estate investor or firm you are working with is complaint-free, licensed, and legitimate. Before you settle on a “We Buy Houses Poughkeepsie” firm, it is important that you ask for testimonials and references. A good company should have plenty of testimonials Testimonials from other people who have worked with the company before can help you know how other transactions were handled. The real estate investor you select ought to be honest, courteous, straightforward, and knowledgeable. Moreover, an outstanding investor will have your best interest at heart. Be sure to find out if the investor can actually pay cash for your house, take care of the closing costs, and close quickly before signing any contract.

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Interesting Little Known Facts Regarding Lease Options That You Need To Know About When it comes to lease options, you may be surprised upon knowing about the fact that one of the least known things with regards to it is what it actually is or what lease really is all about. You cannot actually fault people or blame them for not knowing what lease option really is all about since even the name itself is not helping in giving us a much better and much clearer definition of what it really is plus, it also does very little in helping us understand what it is all about. In fact, there is now an increase in the number of people who mistakenly believe that lease option is an option for leasing a property rather than selling it or having it sold. But then again, if you are going to take into account the fact that lease option is actually an abbreviation for a certain type of arrangement that is formally known as the lease with an option to buy, you will realize that the initial belief you have with it is obviously a mistake. For you to further understand what lease option or lease with an option to purchase really is, it is actually a type of arrangement wherein the property owner will lease his property to a lessee while giving that lessee that option of purchasing the property by the end of the agreed end of lease. That is not the only little known fact about lease option since another one has something to do with the fact that just like the life that we have, it is not for everyone to take. There are those individuals for whom lease option is a very sensible option to take just like the fact that there are people who, by the virtue of the kind of situation that they have or they may find themselves in, would be ill advised in choosing to have the lease option routine in their property sells or purchases. Let us say, for an example, if you want to execute an urgent selling of your home or your property, it is obviously not advisable on your part to go with the lease option route since this kind of option is time consuming, the exact opposite of the urgent desire you have to sell your property, the same goes when you have a good credit and good opportunities when it comes to borrowing , it is not advisable for you to choose lease option if you are planning on purchasing a property in the slow market. However, you still need not have to worry about whether or not you can choose to take the lease option route as all you need to do is to know about your needs and determine whether or not it is suitable for this kind of route and then, you can proceed with going through with it.

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The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Homes

Important Things to Consider When Finding a Student Apartment

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make before entering a university is choosing the best place where you can stay now that you’re away from the sight and comfort of your parents. Student accommodations come in various forms such as university halls, private student halls, private accommodations, or living at home. University halls are managed by the university as the name implies, and it is a great way to know people, making friends and living with other students in your campus, without having to travel long-distance to attend on-campus activities. The disadvantages though include students not being able to choose whom they can live with, no guarantees on being placed in a preferred accommodation, and since many students live the area, the environment is somehow noisy and messy.

The the second option is living in a private student hall, similar to hall managed by universities, but owned by a private company, which has been built exclusively as student living complex. If you’re contemplating to live in a private hall, you should do some research and find out the activities that are allowed, curfew hours, the amenities, communal spaces available, and the upfront costs. Your university can provide you an approved list of student rental companies, because universities have formal partnerships in place for providing students another option for their accommodation. Private halls are built for students, close to all student activities, and usually have better amenities than university halls luke Wi-fi access, with commercial establishment near like shopping centre or famous food chains nearby. However, the downside includes more expenses, unable to choose whom you can live with, and also noisy and messy. If you don’t want to live in university or private halls, private accommodation is perfect for you, and you’ll be able to enjoy living in your own space, having the freedom to choose whom you can live with, and you’ll feel greater independence. Living in private student apartments is the best option to exercise your freedom and independence away from home, learning to do things your way, and you’re able to focus on your studies without the noise and messy environment.

We offer great student apartments located in Atlanta, Georgia, near Georgia State University, ensuring total student living experience, with the latest amenities and conveniences to help you make the most of their college experience. It is the best place to enjoy rooftop swimming overlooking downtown, relax with our exclusive clubhouse with a large flat-screen TV, or stay active with our fully-equipped fitness center. We have everything every student needs in a student apartment, so feel free to contact us through our website anytime.

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Getting Down To Basics with Apartments

Factors To Look For In A Student Apartment

It is when the school year nears that you have to make sure that you know where you will be moving. The listings of student apartments is what you should be looking at. Once you will be in college, you might find it hard sometimes to look for an apartment that will be able to meet your needs. That us why for you to be able to find the right apartment, you have to know what are the different considerations to take. And it is in this article that we will be talking all about them.

The very first thing that you should consider is a student apartment that has a low rent. It is in choosing the apartment that has a low rent that you should be choosing as most students pay off their apartments by using their student loans. You have to make it a point that the apartment that you will choose is the one that will let you borrow less money. It is common for most student to get burdened right after they graduate because if these loans. Graduating college with the less amount of credit on your part is the best thing that you should do. It is when these things happen that you can now focus on what lays ahead for you after college.

You have to consider also an apartment that has a short commute. It is when you are choosing an apartment that you have to know the location of it. That is why it would be all better of you can find an apartment that is only a walking distance from your school. It is by doing this that you will make things easier and you can be sure that you will be able to attend every class. A place that has an access to public transportation is the one that you should choose if in case you will not be able to find a place that is a walking distance away from your school. That is why as much as possible, you should avoid apartments that will require having long rides to and from school.

An apartment that has a safe neighborhood are the one that you should be choosing. It is the best thing that you have to do is to choose an apartment that has the safest neighborhood. It is the college student that are easy prey for criminals. It is due to this reasons that there are many cases of robberies all around the college campus. A place that has fewer criminal activities is the one that you should choose. It is for your own good and for the peace of mind of your parents.

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Tips on How to Achieve your Dream Home Decor

Home decorating activities can be considered to be one task that most people are afraid to do so. People are very familiar with a lot of different home decor items. By just doing some few changes inside your home, you may be able to come up with a masterpiece that you will truly love. Even a little time spared in changing your home decoration will still give you a refreshing result. If you do home decoration, you are also giving yourself something to do to help you out with boredom and the result is favorable to you because a new home decor means happiness and contentment.

Few things involved in doing a home decoration are your furniture, fabric, accessories as well as the colors. People may opt to spend a lot just to do some home decor but there are also those who are able to save a lot because they have ideas on how to do some budgeted home decor.

Although hiring a professional home decor will let give you the best results, you will have to pay for the cost. A professional decorator will always surprise you of new and trending designs but at the same time, the person can also give you what you really want. One of the advantages of having a professional decorator is the output of their work because they are more experienced and can provide you with the best output. They possess the talent of providing you a home that you will not just enjoy but be very thankful for.

You may also try the home improvement software in which various tips are provided for you to convert your place to a better one. This software will see to it that you are able to improve your home by affecting its color, design and other factors. Professional home decorators are even fond of using this software because this will give them an exact picture of the decoration you dream to have. This will expand the ideas of the decorator.

A factor that affects your home decoration is the size of your home because this will decide whether the items found there will stay or not anymore. For instance, you have a small area so it a simple but elegant home decor will perfectly fit to it. Do not add any appliance or furniture to the place.

As long as you have home decorations done to your home, you will feel more welcomed as well as happy to see a new environment that gives your family happiness and fun and this is a great factor to consider for a happy family.

A Quick Overlook of Homes – Your Cheatsheet

Consideration When Picking the Perfect Family Home

The family home is the center of all your family life. It is where we create most of our memories in our lives. Finding the best house is vital due to the time which you will spend there. We all have various needs and what suits one person may not work for another. Below, we will discuss some factors that will help you in choosing the perfect family home.

Your demands and tastes will determine the type of home which best suits you. You might prefer investing in a house on sale through realtors or may wish to build a custom built house. If you prefer the first option, the best solution is to find a trusted real estate agent who has the experience to find a home that meets your specific needs. In the event that you’d want a custom built house, you can seek out an expert contractor who can construct the home for you. What you have to do is to ask for recommendations or look online to find that contractor who will bring out your ideas creatively.

Location is a crucial consideration when picking an ideal family house. Do you prefer the quiet small town life or village life or want a home in the city? Do you intend to live in a gated community which includes amenities like schools, malls, hospitals, gyms and internet? Would you want a home in a small quiet town away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Whatever the case, you’ll find the home that suits your tastes.

The size of your family also dictates the kind of home which you choose. In case you are a couple who are married and need to get children in the future, you would wish to settle in a home that fits your growing family. You would want a house with open spaces for the kids to play. On the flip side, if you have kids who are grown up and will likely be moving out shortly, you’d need a house that is smaller.

For those who have needs that are unique and you also are interested in getting the plan of your home to reflect these, then building a new house could be the best option. You can pick everything from the design of the rooms, how big the home will be, the flooring along with the finishes. Building your home would make you perfect sense as you can do it at a fair cost, and also you shouldn’t go with what you are not comfortable with. There are hundreds of customization alternatives from which you can pick from.

You’ll find numerous things to think about when selecting your ideal family home be it purchasing a new home or building one according to your unique needs.

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